BYU Arabic Language Camp

2018 Calendar

Dates below are pending funding

March 15 - Application period opens.

April 22 - Applicants will be notified if accepted or denied 

May 24 - Registraion & program fee deadline

June 24 - First day of camp

---Housing check in begins at 8:30 am at the Heritage Halls Central Building. Camp check-in is at 10:00 am in 2107 JKB With Orientation immediately after. parents welcome.

July 8 - Day camp for local junior and high school students

July 12 - Closing banquet and early departure

---Parents are invited to attend banquet at 7:00pm (WILK Terrace) and students may check out after banquet at 9:00 pm

July 13 - Student must check out by 9:00 am

"The Arabic camp was the best thing our daughter has done. Thank you for exposing her to such a life changing experience."

2019 BYU Arabic Camp

The BYU Arabic Language Camp draws students from across the nation and beyond to spend three weeks learning and living Arabic language and culture. Under the tutelage of expert instructors, students will learn to communicate confidently in Arabic face-to-face as well as diving into the world of Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp as used by Arabs.

Students participate according to their ability in one of four levels:

Level 1

No previous Arabic

Level 2

Mastery of the script; will begin with Al-Kitaab Lesson 2

Level 3

Will begin with Al-Kitaab Lesson 6

Level 4

Will begin with Al-Kitaab Lesson 14

BYU was not awarded a STARTALK grant this year, due to the fact that overall funding was cut by 17% and they are now pushing a model that disfavors larger residential programs like ours. Cost is therefore estimated to be $1750. We are working on funding for students from families for whom this would constitute a burden.  If you are a member of the QFI Arabic Honor Society, please apply on their website.

What will I do?

  • Fun, interactive learning experiences
  • Hands-on cultural experiences, including delicious food
  • Build proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • Get a jumpstart on Arabic in college
  • Learn valuable study skills
  • Earn up to a year of first- or second-year high school Arabic credit (univ. credit also an option).
  • Increase your chances of funded overseas study
  • Make great friends from all across the U.S. and the Arab world


  • All students who participate in the program are required to live according to the BYU Honor Code. We have found that this is good training for students bound for the Arab world, that they become sensitive to respecting the beliefs of others.

Attend Arabic Day Camp!

Youth ages 10–18 years old have the opportunity to join us for a day of Arabic classes and activities on July 8. Registration will open early May!

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